Your all-in-one scheduling assistant

Collaborate with others.

Group calendars are shared spaces - you and other members will be able to:

  • Assign roles - Owner, Editor and Viewer
  • Create polls to be voted on - Asuvi uses a powerful algorithm to automatically generate potential meeting times for you
  • Visualize Busy Time - See on the calendar when other members are busy
  • Chat with each other - Use the built in chat feature to discuss things with group members

Streamline your booking system.

Asuvi helps you manage your appointments and bookings:

  • Appointment Templates - Create one-to-one, group, or reoccurring appointments.
  • Keep track of bookings - Manage and track of the details of clients that have booked.
  • Advanced Features - buffers, minimum notice, maximum number of appointments per day.
  • Custom URL

Stay organized with Asuvi.

Connect your External Calendars

Connect your Google or Microsoft calendars to Asuvi to see your events.


We send you reminders through e-mail and the web app so that you never miss a thing.

Time Zone Detection

Asuvi automatically identify everyone's time zone to keep everyone on the same page.

Generate Work Schedules

Automatically generate work schedules by having employees share their availability.

Sync Booked Polls and Appointments

Easily add booked polls and appointments to your personal calendar.

Custom Branding

Use your own colors and logo in place of Asuvi's branding.

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